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Basic Pistol & Safety

Private 1on1

Live Fire


1 Hour


(If you take some of our other classes you will get a coupon for twenty dollars off this class.)

This course is designed for the individual who has never shot a handgun, has very limited experience, or simply want to improve their skill and precision with a handgun.  Just because someone knows how to shoot, does not mean they know how to shoot effectively.

In this class, proper stance, grip, and sight picture are taught, as well as proper operation of a handgun including safety, loading, and unloading procedures.  Students first learn in the safety and comfort of our well-equipped classroom, which includes state of the art IR Tactical™ Training Guns.

After initial skills have been taught the student receives one on one instruction and supervision on the range.

For those who are also looking to purchase a firearm, our instructors offer their insight into which handgun would be best suit an individual’s needs and abilities.